Trendy Fashion Jewelry – What’s Hot in Trendy Functional Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry is functional and trendy in many ways, from expressing your unique personality, enhancing your attire and complimenting your wardrobe ensembles. Engagement and wedding rings are the never-ending expression of your devoted love. However, trendy fashion jewelry has purpose of accessorizing your personal and private tastes. When it comes to selecting the right type of trendy fashion jewelry for you, there are no specific set of rules, although, the fashion industry of today will often set the stage for various seasonal styles. Here you will find a few tips to assist you in making the most of functionality and emphasis you wish to make with your jewelry choices.

Trendy Fashion Jewelry Tips

Sexy low cut tops become more appealing while wearing a choker necklace, while longer necklaces are very becoming when worn with tops that feature a higher neckline. One very hot pieces of trendy fashion jewelry is that of extremely long, multiple strands necklaces. While wearing arm cuffs is terribly sexy when your arms are sleek and tones and can enhance the sensual appearance of sleeveless or strapless tops and tank tops. Toned abs are more appealing when adorned with a trendy accent belly chain.

A classic cameo brooch, or strand of pearls as well as burnished silver and gold jewelry adds a sophisticated and elegant appearance to any wardrobe ensemble. Dangling, chandelier earrings are very popular and trendy items in the fashion jewelry world, no matter what you may be wearing. Another trendy fashion statement is made by the wearing of big rings, similar to those worn by any number of Hollywood starlets, however if you are not interested in big rings, you may enjoy wearing a stunning style of stackable bangle bracelets, the more the better in some cases. Keep in mind that you can keep your jewelry pieces looking brilliant by storing them separately to avoid damaging or scratching, in a high quality jewelry box.

Dazzling and brilliant colors are trendy in fashion jewelry this year, with yellows taking the lead as one of the hottest colors for fall and winter. These may include, canary diamonds, citrine and topaz, which will compliment your personal jewelry collection. Amethyst and pink topaz are even more popular, since the favorite shades for winter and fall include purple and pink. Meanwhile, blues are trendy, with interesting choices of iolite, aquamarine, blue topaz, sapphire and tanzanite enter into the color spectrum of trendy fashion jewelry colors. You will be thrilled to know that other colors are coming back in style for fall, which may include pumpkins, grays and chocolate browns. No matter your personal taste, you will be able to find just the right piece of trendy fashion jewelry. Be sure to select pieces that make you feel confident while wearing them and have fun wearing the fashions and colors that please you the most.

Trendy Beaded Jewelry – Interesting Fashion Trends

Jewelry is always a hot fashion item and trendy beaded jewelry is no exception. Jewelry made of beads from different materials combined together can make a beautiful and unique fashion statement for the person wearing it. For example, if someone is wearing an obviously handcrafted pair of earrings and those earrings start attracting the attention of others, chances are that one pair of earrings can start a new trend. When that pair of earrings is made of something like Czech glass beads in bright colors, there can definitely be a surge in sales for stores selling similar earrings.

Beads can be made from natural materials to synthetic materials and of course, precious metals. They can be made into singular- or multiple-strand necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Beaded earrings in a drop or chandelier style can be especially fashionable as trendy beaded jewelry. Whether the jewelry is handmade or manufactured, a decent quality piece will always find its way to complementing whatever next season’s clothing fashions might be. Below are some examples of how beads can suit upcoming fashions:

1. The basic black dress always looks chic on any lady, but looks even more chic with a strand of real gold or silver beads around her neck, with a matching bracelet and earrings. Beaded parures are no longer a thing of the past, and can always be mixed with other similar pieces to create a new look.

2. Vintage porcelain or glass beads worn at a weekend afternoon tea are bound to attract attention from the other ladies in the group. It is not unusual for jewelry to exist in cycles so far as fashion goes. Just like clothing, what was popular several decades ago can definitely make a comeback in the world of fashion.

3. Beaded jewelry in fun styles, like millefiori and cloisonne, can be perfect for casual wear during the day or night. Even a beaded pendant can become the singular piece of jewelry that every woman will want to add to her armoire.

Trendy beaded jewelry is one thing any woman can wear, even if she owns no other jewelry, or does not favor plain fine metals. Both manufacturers and jewelry artisans pay attention to what women want to wear for jewelry and offer a variety for sale. Clever women may even scour flea markets for vintage beads and combine them with modern beads to create their own jewelry, thus setting off a new fashion trend. A bracelet or necklace of beads from the 1930′s with brand new lampwork beads can become a conversation piece that other women will want to imitate in style. Best of all, jewelry like this does not need to be expensive to make. All it requires is a little bit of local searching plus a bit of creativity to make beaded earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Trendy beaded jewelry is one thing that can always be in style, no matter what designs or materials are used in the jewelry.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry – 5 Shortcuts to Retail Success

Something in the human spirit is always itching for independence and this itch translates to a constant flow of new entrepreneurs that so often gravitate towards fashion jewelry. What is so irresistible about this accessory? Beyond the high profit margins that wholesale fashion jewelry can open for retailers lies an intrinsic beauty that creates truly wearable art. Yes, wholesale fashion jewelry offers plenty of profit potential that enables retailers to turn small investments into the longest mark-up in the fashion industry, but the magic of fashion jewelry’s beauty stops consumers in their tracks and this magnetic attraction, more than anything else, brings the entrepreneur into retail sales specializing in jewelry.

Many of these new fashion jewelry businesses begin on the simplest level with retailers buying wholesale fashion jewelry and presenting it to friends and co-workers. Easy sales and new found profits ignite a fire to grow the business, but what step comes next? As a twenty-five year veteran of the wholesale fashion jewelry industry, I have seen business after business start in this way and often grow to become the major supplier of fashion accessories in a community. The learning curve never ends as fashion jewelry evolves as well as retail tactics, but some things never change and these key techniques will have positive impact on your fashion jewelry business.

But first, how are you going to sell your treasure of wholesale fashion jewelry? Outgoing personalities love the active sale. Visit businesses, do parties, set up in flea markets or craft shows, and bubble over with enthusiasm as you introduce stunning fashion jewelry to consumers. All they need is a crowd and permission to set up. Bingos, festivals, school picnics, car shows, sporting events-the list is endless. Overhead is low and actually stops when not engaged in sales activities. But so does sales, so many prefer brick and mortar businesses with a higher overhead, but continuing business even when you’re not there.

The quieter, methodical personality may not be up to this bubbling enthusiasm and choose a passive sales mode. Successful businesses often build without the entrepreneur ever engaged in active sales to the consumer. They connect with beauty shops and other locations to provide fashion jewelry on consignment with the owner profiting as well as the entrepreneur. Methodical personalities think out the details like how to handle shrinkage of missing items with no sales recorded. Increasing price and lowering consignment fees compensates for losses when fashion jewelry has open exposure that can result in more shrinkage. The flip side is reduced sales in secure environments like showcases or behind the counter, which reduce shrinkage, but unfortunately, also sales.

Okay, both personalities have a selling method they are comfortable with and both can expand their business with online marketing by working on websites while their sales support them as the websites grow, climbing higher in the results of major search engines. But what about the 5 shortcuts to retail success? They boil down to pricing, selection, presentation, knowledge, and benefits.

-First comes pricing the wholesale fashion jewelry. New entrepreneurs often feel shock waves as they see the wholesale cost compared to retail prices they paid as consumers. The first temptation is undercut all the competition. Stop there!-because fashion jewelry is cyclical and low prices generate low profits that don’t carry retailers through the tough times. Do you want to spend all your earnings on restocking wholesale fashion jewelry and covering overhead? Of course not, you want to grow your business and make a profit and pricing is important.

Retail uses a term called keystone-a nice word for doubling the wholesale price. Make keystone the minimum for mark-up in fashion jewelry and look for the items that give you room for far longer mark-ups. The upside has no rules. Let your intuition guide you because prices can always come down, but it is difficult to go up.

-Next comes selection and this is a factor that major retailers like fine department stores are always struggling to get right. Stroll through one and you will see they have reduced staff on the floor so selection often has to sell itself. The fine department stores need “no miss” choices and have resources, forecasts, statistics, and trained buyers to make these decisions. Small retailers don’t need to be discouraged because this isn’t rocket science and you are closer to the clientele in your location than any major retailer.

Making the perfect selection rests on the age and demographics of your main customer base. Add this to the fashion trends of the season and you are close to perfect. How do you keep up with all those rapid changing fashion trends? Well rapid change is a myth. Trends change very slowly-often over a decade. Yes, colors and subtle adjustments occur every season, but today we are in the midst of classic trends that started in the early 21st century and have a promising future. More on this when we cover knowledge.

-Now for presentation-making the fashion jewelry look special. Ever notice how necklaces clumped together on a tee bar on top of a showcase seem to scream “I’m on sale” while the stuff in the showcase whispers “I’m special”. That’s presentation and how it has changed even for fine department stores.

Teri Agins in The End of Fashion details how department stores that were once “the first visual contact with fashion” and “introduced merchandise concepts to customers” changed in the late 20th century to a collection of brands. Agins quotes one upscale shopper who “was appalled when she discovered $19.99 Nine West shoes displayed right next to $350 Chanels” in her favorite department store that was compromising its image of elite fashion. Make an item look special and it takes on the perception of higher value.

-Next comes knowledge that is worth more than price. Don’t believe it? Think of items you bought because the sales person impressed you with a deep understanding of the product. That was worth more than price. I personally experienced this lesson when I did a trade show with a colleague. I told my customers the fashion jewelry was a real value at the price. His sales person painted a word picture of the wholesale fashion jewelry with the season’s apparel and wrote more orders without the customers even knowing the price.

Knowledge is knowing the trends and knowing the item. Consumers trust a well-informed source and when you know what is today’s style and why it looks right on the customer, you remove the burden of choice from the buyer.

Knowledge today goes deeper because classic trends in fashion jewelry bring gemstone components, shell, Murano style glass, Millefiore, and more to jewelry designs. A story is worth volumes in explaining glass jewelry and knowledge of gemstones that removes the doubt about whether it is real. Don’t be overwhelmed about understanding the trends and knowledge of today’s components because everything is detailed in a report, Wholesale Fashion Jewelry-The Magic of Trends (find a link to the report at the foot of this article).

-Finally there are benefits. Think of benefits as vision-what the customer envisions. Anyone that buys fashion jewelry wants to make a positive statement. They want a look that is flattering and appropriate. So like the car commercial running on the radio, features describe the details like length, color, texture, and shape while benefits say “matches apparel while complementing your complexion”, “draws attention to your slender neck”, or “creates a youthful look that is so you”. The old adage of sell the sizzle, not the steak, gets to the point. Pick the right item for the customer, be sincere, and sell the sizzle.

Will all this work in a slowing economy? Absolutely! In worrisome times women appreciate an escape valve of some small new purchase. What fulfills this better than fashion jewelry? Apply the five shortcuts and lift your customers’ spirits with a feel-good experience.

Fashion Jewelry Rings

You don’t need expensive jewelry to look and feel fashionable. Costume jewelry, also referred to fashion jewelry is made from less expensive materials including synthetic stones, glass, base metals, and even plastics. The name costume jewelry originally came about because it used as stage jewelry. It is very inexpensive and sometimes can be considered flashy.

Most costume jewelry rings for example are hand crafted using gemstones such as opal, amethyst and even plastics and acrylics. Ivory is often used to create men’s jewelry. Fashion jewelry rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces etc can all be designed and made using similar materials and techniques. Silver or gold plated brass is often used to produce lovely looking items at low cost.

To preserve the live and lustre of costume jewelry requires some care as does more expensive items. Body sweat can reduce the lustre so after usage they should be cleaned with a soft cloth to remove moisture. Fashion jewelry items should be stored separately in soft pouches or velvet lined boxes.

Strong solution should never be used as they could alter the color or the stones or even displace them due to affecting the epoxies used. Hairsprays, perfumes etc should be used before wearing fashion jewelry items.

Some periodic maintenance such as polishing will be required and possibly replacing dull gems with new ones.
Although fashion jewelry rings are inexpensive they are available in as many styles as expensive jewelry. Many times they can be an exact copy of an original design, which may not be affordable to the wearer. This will allow them to purchase more items for their money