Fashion Jewelry Rings

You don’t need expensive jewelry to look and feel fashionable. Costume jewelry, also referred to fashion jewelry is made from less expensive materials including synthetic stones, glass, base metals, and even plastics. The name costume jewelry originally came about because it used as stage jewelry. It is very inexpensive and sometimes can be considered flashy.

Most costume jewelry rings for example are hand crafted using gemstones such as opal, amethyst and even plastics and acrylics. Ivory is often used to create men’s jewelry. Fashion jewelry rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces etc can all be designed and made using similar materials and techniques. Silver or gold plated brass is often used to produce lovely looking items at low cost.

To preserve the live and lustre of costume jewelry requires some care as does more expensive items. Body sweat can reduce the lustre so after usage they should be cleaned with a soft cloth to remove moisture. Fashion jewelry items should be stored separately in soft pouches or velvet lined boxes.

Strong solution should never be used as they could alter the color or the stones or even displace them due to affecting the epoxies used. Hairsprays, perfumes etc should be used before wearing fashion jewelry items.

Some periodic maintenance such as polishing will be required and possibly replacing dull gems with new ones.
Although fashion jewelry rings are inexpensive they are available in as many styles as expensive jewelry. Many times they can be an exact copy of an original design, which may not be affordable to the wearer. This will allow them to purchase more items for their money